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SearchPRO Helps Hoteliers Rise to the Top of Search Engines

Launched by O'Rourke Hospitality, a leader in hospitality marketing, SearchPRO is aimed at helping hoteliers increase the number of direct bookings by making sure their websites are optimized to be found by potential guests.

O'Rourke Hospitality Marketing Tired of trying to compete with online travel agencies and other third parties when it comes to capturing online bookings? Then try SearchPRO, an SEO solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry and launched recently by hospitality marketing leader, O’Rourke Hospitality.

Advertisement for SearchPROSearchPRO was designed to help hoteliers compete online by implementing a three-prong attack involving content optimization, local and mobile search optimization, and reporting and analysis to measure the success of your strategy and fine-tune it over time. Each stage of optimization is based on a thorough and detailed evaluation of your site, your competitors and your target market to develop a strategy that will maximize your ability to book room nights and increase conversions. In short, SearchPRO was designed to help you position your business well ahead of your competition, including online travel agencies and third-party vendors with much bigger budgets.

Brian Fitzgerald, O'Rourke's Vice President of Digital Strategy, says SearchPRO was built to address the ever-changing SEO landscape and help hotels stay ahead of Google's continuous algorithm updates. "Every day we speak with hotel owners, managers and franchisees that are battling to shift share back from OTAs," Fitzgerald noted. "We all know that getting consumers to book direct is the ultimate goal. At O'Rourke, we believe SEO is a critical component of this objective. By investing more in the evolving SEO channel, hotels can fight back against OTAs and limit their dependence on expensive channels like PPC and metasearch."

SearchPRO takes aim at those factors, creating targeted content, increasing visits from search engines and driving higher conversion rates. SearchPRO is also scalable, with services beginning at just $300 per month, making it an affordable “must have” for hotels of all sizes.

Here’s what clients can expect with SearchPRO:

  • Content Creation Strategy that’s based on a careful review of your current site, your target audience's search habits and your future goals.
  • Local & Mobile Search Optimization Strategy that helps position your hotel for today’s guests who tend to rely on mobile devices to find the services they need.
  • Reporting & Analysis Strategy that measures the success of your program and adjusts on an ongoing basis to keep your SEO strategy on track.
In short, when it comes to search engine marketing, SearchPRO by O'Rourke Hospitality helps you beat your competition and stay ahead of the curve, both today and in the future. To learn more, visit O'Rourke's website or call 978.465.5955.

About O’Rourke Hospitality
O’Rourke Hospitality is an industry leader in the hotel marketing space, pioneering many best practices around social and mobile marketing, website design and direct online channel distribution. Experienced, professional staff service key areas of importance to the hotel industry, including web and app development, graphic design, SEO, PPC, Social Media, analytics reporting and more. O’Rourke’s clients benefit from a small team with a big range of skills, ensuring personalized service – at a budget that your business can afford.

To join the diverse portfolio of top-tier hotel brands, boutique and luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas that are benefitting from O’Rourke’s key services, contact Brian Fitzgerald at (978) 465-5955 or

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