Sustainable Tourism Projects

CHTA Partners with OBM International To Assist With Sustainable Tourism Projects

OBMI Staff Member to Serve as CAST Technical Director

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) The Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA) has entered into a one-year Strategic Partnership with OBM International (OBMI),one of the world's leading international architectural and planning firms with seven global offices. 

As part of the agreement, OBMI will provide one of their staff members, Denaye Hinds, to serve as the technical director for CHTA's Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST). OBMI will assist CHTA in making resources available to its membership in the area of sustainability.

Hinds is the joint head of OBMI's Green Matters Studio where she leads initiatives within the sustainability sector.

"As an experienced 77 year old architecture firm born and bred in the Caribbean, we have a long history with CHTA. We embrace this partnership and the many prospects to further the success of the resort and tourism industries through innovative designs, cultural place-making and thought leadership," said Tim Peck, OBMI's chairman, who serves as co-chair of CAST and lends his expertise to projects by analyzing the cultural and environmental influences of a project.

"The knowledge of OBM International's leadership in the areas of sustainability, resort design, master planning and tourism will be an asset to CHTA members as OBMI lends their expertise on CAST related projects throughout the region," said Jeffrey Vasser, CHA, director general and CEO of CHTA. "OBMI has been a great supporter of our association as we look forward to the many opportunities this partnership will bring to the Caribbean hotel and tourism industry," Vasser added.

CHTA Strategic Partners are leading organizations and companies involved in a wide range of industry sectors and activities in the Caribbean. While each plays a unique role and brings to the table its own individual benefits and specializations, all CHTA Strategic Partners share one common purpose - an unwavering commitment to the Caribbean hotel and tourism industry.

In addition to OBM International, CHTA Strategic Partners include HVS, Interval International, MasterCard, Tambourine and Travelzoo. 

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