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Doug Kennedy Reservations Sales QUEST Workshop Series in New York City on June 30

Series features a one day train-the-trainer workshop and a half-day workshop for frontline reservations agents.

Doug Kennedy KTN announced today the launch of a workshop series to be presented personally by Doug Kennedy.  The first stop in the series is New York City, where Doug will offer a one-day train-the-trainer workshop on June 30, along with a half-day reservations agent workshop, repeated to allow for phone coverage, on July 1, 2014.  The series will continue in Los Angeles in late fall of 2014. 

The workshop presents KTN’s popular new Hotel Reservations Sales QUEST program, which helps hotel reservations, front desk and call center agents maximize their conversion of inquiry calls and to improve upselling techniques. 

“When it comes to information, the balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation,” says KTN President Doug Kennedy, “That’s why it’s essential for the industry to update its voice reservations sales models to focus on a new line of QUESTioning to ‘unmask the story’ behind the caller and to determine where they are at in their decision making process.”  Kennedy also emphasizes that reservations agents need to do more than provide “website search support.”  “Today’s callers don’t trust the pictures they see online; they need us to ‘narrate the pictures’ and to use descriptions that allure and entice more so than inform and notify.”    

Participants in the one-day train-the-trainer workshop will receive a copy of Kennedy’s Workshop Trainer’s Guide, Reservations Sales QUEST DVD, and 3 copies of the Participant Workbook all for just $399.   Additionally, those in the region can send their frontline reservations agents to receive the training directly from Kennedy for just $129 per person. 

The workshops are being held at The Strand Hotel New York, which is offering a special hotel rate of just $149 for those attending the training from out of town.  Here is a link for more details or to register online.

To bring the workshop series to your area requires only 10 participants for the train-the-trainer workshop or 25 for the frontline agent training, so those in other regions are encouraged to coordinate plans with sister companies or local area associations.  The Workshop Trainer’s Guide, DVD, and Participant Workbooks can also be purchases separately by those not able to attend the train-the-trainer sessions. Just visit

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