Market Report Buffalo

HVS Report - Buffalo, New York (PDF Download)

Buffalo, New York’s “Second City” behind the Big Apple, has a diversity of industries at work to keep the area’s economy and hotel demand flowing. What parts of the region are undergoing the most change?

HVS Buffalo’s location on the eastern end of Lake Erie and at the head of the Niagara River has made the city one of the nation’s leading inland ports, and the hydro-electric power supplied by Niagara Falls has attracted an array of industries. Buffalo is also New York State’s second-largest city and the economic and cultural center of the Buffalo-Niagara region. Businesses in Buffalo represent a diversity of sectors, including consumer goods, finance, education, tourism, gambling, and health care. The University of Buffalo’s three campuses (in Buffalo and Amherst) support more than 50 research centers, and several of these have garnered recognition on the world stage. Together, the city’s bedrock of business, education, and tourism has supported a strong economy and stable demand for hotels. 

The following article looks at recent developments in Buffalo, including an unprecedented investment initiative and trends in hotel transactions and performance.

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