For Crying Out Loud

Shame on You, Congress! - By John Hendrie

For crying out loud, I am trying to run a Hospitality business, and, Congress, you are not helping.

LRA Worldwide Say in your business, you have a group of irascible employees who are not performing.  As a well-managed enterprise, you have several steps in place to turn this disruption around.  You start with counselling.  Then, you move to some sort of progressive discipline.  Along the way, you have created a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan), which shows these employees exactly what is at issue, exactly what you want them to do, and what will be the result if objectives are missed (leading to suspension and/or discharge).  Naturally, all steps are documented, so there is no misunderstanding.  Another wonderful way to deal with disputes is to identify leaders of the two or more sides and put them in a room with the direction that no one leaves that room until the issue(s) are resolved.  Binding arbitration works well, too.  The message here - get it done, so everyone can get back to work!

A majority of American citizens believe that the current Congress has not done the people’s business.  This Congress has been called the “Do Nothing” Congress.  Now, they are on hiatus (vacation), most assuredly unearned, for five weeks.  Some want them to return to Washington right now and address the issues of the day; others say just stay home (out of sight, out of mind).

The people’s business remains in flux.  There has been little movement on significant issues like Immigration Reform, adjusting the Minimum Wage, even continued harping on the Affordable Care Act. These all affect my Hospitality enterprise!  We have plenty of protocols in both the Congress and Senate to test legislation and move forward through compromise (not a bad word).  We are not even at the stage of conversation and civility.  The situation is not good, nor does it appear to be close to changing in the near future.  The mood of the country is becoming more unsettled.

The people, republican and democrat alike, are disgusted, just as you would be if this was your business.  Seek a remedy and get back to work!  There are a few interesting thoughts out there.  “So, sue me” is a term which has been bandied about recently.  Although I am not a lawyer, there may be something actionable about someone elected to do something which remains undone.  Or, as all the political campaigns say “Send me to Washington and I will do…”  Promises not met, results not found, opportunity dashed.  Some others are saying, why pay them if they are not working towards solutions.  Nothing like hitting the pocketbook to get someone’s attention.  Our most obvious redress is to vote them out of office.  That works!


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