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LogNet Travel Deploys a New ETravel Solution for Diesenhaus in Israel

Diesenhaus, one of the largest travel companies in Israel, has launched a new eCommerce platform based on the eTravel solution from LogNet Travel.

LogNet Travel Diesenhaus, one of the largest travel companies in Israel, has launched a new eCommerce platform based on the eTravel solution from LogNet Travel. Diesenhaus is leading travel agencies and tour operators in its country, offering a wide range of custom and standard travel packages for domestic and international travellers.

Diesenhaus logoThe company enlisted the help of LogNet Travel, a provider of eTravel solutions for travel agencies, to replace its legacy eCommerce system. LogNet Travel’s solution was chosen because its innovative offering can keep pace with rapid changes in both Internet technologies and customer requirements. This was one of the main reasons why Diesenhaus chose to deploy a vendor-based solution.

Diesenhaus was one of the first companies in Israel to sell travel services online. Initially, the company maintained a website developed in-house, but over time, it became outdated and difficult to maintain. When the company decided to upgrade its eCommerce platform, instead of continuing to operate its in-house system, Diesenhaus opted for a vendor-based solution that offered a better designed website and overall online presence.

“Our experience is a familiar story for many travel agencies,” commented Eyal Seluk, CEO at Diesenhaus. “Our work with LogNet has given us modern tools to support our online business growth and maintain our leading position in the travel and leisure industry here in Israel.”

Screenshot Diesenhaus websiteLogNet Travel deployed its eTravel solution at Diesenhaus in a quick, efficient and hassle-free manner and even saved the company considerable money when compared to its original in-house website.

“With the help of our solution, Diesenhaus has revamped its website with a modern look-and-feel with more robust content management and promotion capabilities,” stated Zohar Kantor, Vice President of Business Development at LogNet Travel. “We are happy to help Diesenhaus offer a better user experience on its website in a framework that is helping expand sales.”

With the help of the new eTravel solution, Diesenhaus can now build attractive pages, keep its website up-to-date with the current Internet trends and customer requirements, update promotional offers dynamically and offer the latest deals, discounts and packages with ease. As a SaaS-based system, it also gives Diesenhaus a robust online platform with flexibility at an affordable rate and low maintenance issues.

For LogNet Travel, Diesenhaus is a strategically important customer. The project at Diesenhaus helps LogNet Travel demonstrate how its solution is a more cost-effective and efficient choice even for a large company that has the budget for an in-house website.

“We are proud to welcome Diesenhaus to our growing list of prominent travel agencies around the world that are benefitting from our innovative eTravel solution,” said Taly Eshel, CEO of LogNet Systems. “The deployment of our eTravel solution for Diesenhaus can serve as a model to other travel agencies around the world looking to improve the performance of their web sites and meet their online business objectives.”

LogNet Travel’s eTravel solution is connected to the Sabre Global Distribution (GDS) network. This gives its travel agencies access to latest web services and updated information about hotels, low cost airlines and other local content that can easily be uploaded to their websites.

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