Fred S. Kummer, III & ASE Hospitality, LLC complete first install

Fred S. Kummer, III, President and CVO of ASE Hospitality, LLC announced that he has completed the first installation of the precursor to his company’s ALCHEMY suite of software specifically designed for the hospitality industry

ASE Hospitality The ALCHEMY-Silver Sales module was installed at the 179 room Hampton Inn in Downtown Columbus, Ohio, immediately adjacent to the city’s One-Million square foot convention center.

Kummer describes it as “ the precursor to” and not a “Beta version” since it is fully functioning and encompasses, in a Microsoft EXCEL format, much of the tracking, reporting, analysis and further linkable (to other modules) capabilities of the version he is seeking investors to help finance development.

When initially shown the program and related reports Alan Assaf, Vice President of Operations for the property’s owners and managing firm, NTK Hotel Group, LLC, was astounded at the programs reporting capabilities, saying “he had never seen anything like them before.”

The system, in its current form, according to Kummer, is ideal for small to medium sized properties that are seeking to economically begin to, or improve the computerization of their Group Sales effort in an organized and concise manner. Each year’s directory (developed thru 2025) includes a comprehensive Group Rooms Control Book (GRC) and 10 other files that feed directly from the GRC creating reports essential for the effective operation of that department. All but one of those 10 files is completely linked to the GRC and requires no data inputting. The ALCHEMY-Silver Advanced Sales module, that has yet to of been installed, currently encompasses five additional files/reports, three of which are fully linked, while the remaining two are over 90% integrated. This second package has the capability of providing 25 years of history, trend analysis and sales projections with limited “back-log” work.

Janet Boissy, the Hampton Inn’s Director of Sales said she was looking forward to being able to more fully computerize her department’s bookings and to be able to better compile and analyze the team’s numbers at the end of each month.

Kummer is currently offering some very enticing incentives to organizations that purchase the Microsoft EXCEL based programs that in turn will off set a significant portion of the client’s cost of a subsequent, fully functioning module of the ALCHEMY Suite.

ASE Hospitality, LLC’s WEB site is not yet active, though Fred S. Kummer, III can be reach at his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office at (412) 967-9090. His e-mail address is

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