Change Does Not Come Overnight

Does Measurement Help the Overall Healthcare Experience? You Bet! - By John Hendrie

In Healthcare, your customer (patient) is king – their experience is critical to your success. Competitively, your differentiation is the Patient Care Service Culture you create.

LRA Worldwide In Healthcare, your customer (patient) is king – their experience is critical to your success.  Competitively, your differentiation is the Patient Care Service Culture you create.

It is no longer business as usual in the Healthcare industry.  No matter the sector, everyone is looking to deliver products and services in a different light, pressed by legislation, traditional doctor-patient relationships, improved technology, choice in the marketplace and payment models which reward improved efficiency and performance

An emphasis on wellness has many shades.

  • For hospitals and medical centers, which operate much like a hotel, if you remove the diagnostic and clinical side of the business, they are dealing with holistic aspects in their environments.  Their “guests” would much rather be elsewhere. However, services and impressions are significant, whether they impact the arrival, the sense of well-being, the food preparation, discharge or out-patient care.  These are all part of the experience for the patient, their visitors and communities served.  Do not forget the breadth of HCAHPs.
  • For doctors’ groups, it is all about delivery of care, emphasizing the relationship with the patient and satisfaction with the resultant service(s).  Care takes on many forms. With technology, we now have communication through the Internet, plus counsel and coordination via video chats, Urgent Centers, and Minute Clinics. 
  • For support options, like home care, physical therapy, rehab, and dialysis centers, there is an even closer relationship with the patient. This must be nurtured and monitored, as well.
Your success comes through delivery which can be measured through analytics.This may be accomplished through satisfaction and emotional audits, looking at standards, protocols and your delivery. An emphasis on Hospitality helps you to better manage and leverage patient engagement options. 

Service culture goals need to include design, implementation and sustainability in order to optimize patient delight, loyalty, advocacy and ultimately, profitability. This is “operationalizing the brand”.  Admittedly, change does not come overnight; it is an evolution.  And, that journey to create a patient care service culture is ever critical. 

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