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A Startup Is Disrupting the Hotel App Industry, to the Benefit of Hotels

ButlerTech Group introduces the next generation Virtual Concierge application to Hotels not just for FREE, but with a new revenue channel.
A woman holding an iPad showing the ButlerPad application
ButlerTech Group introduces the next generation Virtual Concierge application to Hotels

ButlerTech Group ButlerTech Group is a market leader in innovating virtual concierge solutions and have currently developed ButlerPad, a revolutionary and easy to use application, to deal with the demands from millennial travellers looking for that unique digital experience.

The virtual concierge application is a necessity for all hotels that wish to provide their guests with a familiar way to communicate. Tipped to be the next Wi-Fi, the virtual concierge is expected to roll out within the next 5 years by most top hotels around the world.

Screenshot ButlerPad application on a mobile phoneButler Tech Group is disrupting this sector by offering their market leading cloud-hosted application completely free of charge to hotels. In the last year, ButlerPad has seen phenomenal growth and are well placed to serve more than 200 hotels in the Asia Pacific region alone. This number is expected to grow exponentially by mid-2016.

Group CEO and Founder Mike Mazza commented, "We believe that guest experience management is the biggest challenge for hotels these days to encourage more direct bookings and build guest loyalty, especially with OTA's representing 75% of most properties business these days".

He added “Our belief is that guest experience management is not just about what happens within the four walls of a hotel, true guest experience management is ensuring that the guests’ entire vacation is a huge success, even before they step on to a property.”

Concierge applications are beneficial to travellers because the applications offer reputable locally curated activities, streamlined communication channels for various hotel departments and access to real time customer service consultants all from the comfort of a their own smartphone, tablet or PC. This can only help hotels be an integrated part of their guest’s travel experience resulting in guest loyalty and superior satisfaction.

Today’s traveller is looking for an authentic local experience that goes beyond standard city guides, one of the unique features that we found within ButlerPad is CityButler a locally curated city guide which sits within the ButlerPad application.

More importantly, the ButlerPad local team personally visits every partner, building a relationship with local companies to ensure the integrity of service to hotel guests.

This is also where the company generates their revenue by charging local companies a fee per booking generated through the application. Group CEO and Founder Mike Mazza commented "this is a world first new advertising medium that provides local companies with an opportunity to advertise their services for free to hotel guests. They only pay a fee for every booking received through our application. All companies listed are firstly researched and reviews checked, then visited by our full time local team who ensure that what we read online is matched by what we see in person. This protects both guests and our hotel partners".

There is no doubt that ButlerPad is disrupting this sector with offices already established in Singapore, Thailand, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and a new offices opening early 2016 in New York. We are sure hotels will appreciate the opportunity to access this new tech for free especially when it comes with a new revenue channel, this could well be the next big disruptive startup on the block.

ButlerTech Group and ButlerPad

ButlerTech Group creates smart solution applications for lifestyle and hospitality industries. The company has employed local and regional teams around the world to build, maintain and regularly audit partnerships to ensure the integrity for recommendations and ultimately a superior user experience. ButlerTech Group has offices strategically located in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Australia.

ButlerPad, an innovative application for ButlerTech Group, is a virtual concierge solution that has rejuvenated the lifestyle and hospitality industry. The ButlerPad application is a vital part for the ultimate travel experience.

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