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LogNet Travel Offers SaaS with New Version of WebGuru

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LogNet Travel Offers SaaS with New Version of WebGuru

LogNet Travel LogNet Travel, a global provider of web development platforms for travel agencies, has launched a new version of WebGuru, its online travel solution. WebGuru empowers travel agencies expand their online sales and grow their businesses over the internet in a cost-effective manner.

WebGuru is a cloud-based, SaaS platform that travel agencies can use to create and maintain their websites without technical knowledge or coding skills. The new version of WebGuru features an improved booking engine and framework to permit travel agencies to offer greater options for their customers to purchase travel packages. WebGuru provides a unique user experience for customers to dynamically select and bundle options for flights, hotel rooms, car rentals and other travel products gathered from multiple travel service providers and presented in a comprehensive view of the travel agency’s web site.

Screenshot LogNet Travel AppIn addition, the new version of WebGuru is built with responsive technology, enabling travel agencies to provide a seamless and quality experience to users across multiple devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. Identifying and incorporating new revenue generation avenues becomes easier for travel agencies over WebGuru and, as a result, they can boost their sales by harnessing the potential of the internet and mobile devices. The SaaS-based solution makes it easier for travel agencies to adjust their website to cater for the right amount of traffic and grow their online presence rapidly with lesser investment.

By offering website management and web sales capabilities through a SaaS solution, WebGuru allows travel agencies to grow organically in the online space. Small and medium sized travel agencies that are taking their businesses online for the first time no longer need to worry about high initial costs in a SaaS model. Using WebGuru for creating their online presence, these businesses only need to pay for the services and functionalities that they need and use, giving them the opportunity to start small and expand depending on how fast they can grow their businesses online.

“By offering WebGuru as a SaaS solution, LogNet Travel allows travel agencies alleviates the burden of keeping up with the latest web technologies and relieves expensive and time-consuming maintenance efforts,” remarks Yaron Sa-Shalom, CEO of LogNet Travel. “This allows a travel agency to focus on its core competency of selling travel products and services rather than wasting limited resources on technical issues.”

An important advantage that the SaaS model of WebGuru offers to travel agencies is the opportunity to adjust their demand on their technical infrastructure depending on seasonal peaks. This means that increasing their capacity to handle additional traffic to their website and increased number of bookings just ahead of the holiday season becomes easier and more cost effective to do.

In a traditional, non-SaaS model, a travel agency is often required to dedicate multiple IT staff to maintain the infrastructure and content of its web site or outsource these functions to local IT companies. Both of these options are expensive propositions, especially for small and medium sized travel agencies who are just starting out with taking their business online.

A SaaS model allows travel agencies to test out the scope of their online capabilities and tweak their website dynamically, without the need to hire dedicated IT staff. It offers a cost effective way for travel agencies to set up and grow their business online.

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