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Online Travel Agencies Tipped to Lose Market Share to Hotel Direct Channels - Tnooz

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Hotels in the third biggest tourist market on the planet are starting to fight back against the dominance of online travel agencies.

At least, this is the forecast contained within research from Phocuswright shared at the FITURTech event in Madrid, Spain, this week.

Spain comes behind France and the US in the rankings for the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with some 65 million visitors in 2014 (up 7% on the previous year, according to figures from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation).

Yet the country’s hotels have relied for many years on OTAs to fill their rooms, or have agreements with European tour operators for package holidays.

Currently, just under half (48%) of online travel in Spain is booked on OTAs, versus the direct channel, compared to 43% for Europe as a whole.

But in 2017, Phocuswright says the figure will tumble to 43%, signalling a significant change in the marketplace.

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