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AxisRooms Launches Its GoldenEye Premium Hotel Rate Shopper - Competing with Love

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AxisRooms Launches Its GoldenEye Premium Hotel Rate Shopper


For success in hospitality industry revenue management techniques and strategies are extremely important. How to lead my business more effectively? Where to find time to track pricing of competitors to provide my company growth? may be your questions. Wouldn't be great to have a unique view on pricing transparency for your hotel's competitors with minimum extra work needed?

Instead of fragmentation and bitterness, good competition brings with it a sense of love. And if you have a obsession to win knowing your competition helps you to get there faster. Introducing our latest innovation at AxisRooms - GoldenEye - set your business goals with close eye on your competition.

A precursor to our revenue management suite of products, GoldenEye gives you pricing transparency for hotel's competitor set. Whether it is getting a birds eye view of pricing patterns for an entire month or viewing all available rates on an OTA of your choice, what sets GoldenEye apart is the simplicity and ease of use of its interface. We follow the KISS principle here at AxisRooms (Keep it Sweet and Simple). All the products including GoldenEye is user friendly technology solution supported with great visuals, which allow you to handle your revenues easy as never before.

As every hotelier knows, the primary aim of Revenue Management is selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price and with the right pack. Axisrooms's Golden Eye can make this possible.

Infographic - Benefits of GoldenEye Premium Hotel Rate Shopper Tool

AxisRooms is India’s first & largest Hotel Distribution System technology provider for travel related services. Driven by the passion for simplicity and practice a religious approach for questioning and challenging the online business for hospitality and tourism. Technology is tailor-made to suit the likes of Large Chain Hotels, Boutique or Mid segment hotels to bed and breakfasts or even home stays. AxisRooms is continually updating and enhancing all the products to smart business tools and rich features that will assist properties to sell their rooms to multiple partners through online platform. Yes, AxisRooms understands hotels like no one does.

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