Central Reservation System

Intelligent Central Reservation System & Front Office Hybrid Launched by AxisRooms


Hotel partners wake up and smell the coffee; this is the time to exit the maze of technology barriers and borders. The time where everything you need will be in one place, organized by one central brain. Welcome to the AxisRooms age.

AxisRooms’ ultimate mission is offering full hotel distribution and now we are taking it to a higher level. Distribute relies on centralize, facilitate and deliver, putting all the data and processes under the same sun, the same Axis. And it is exactly what and where we are reaching with our Central Reservation System: fully integrated, dynamic and powerful CRS will make your hotel take off and scale the business at a rapid pace.

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In other words, AxisRooms’ CRS is the first complete Room E Commerce product which has a capability of front office check in & outs, detailed statistics & reporting and bundled into all possible online integrations to boost your hotel sales. 

Besides, it is a one-stop solution for a hotel’s reservation tracking needs. Extremely intuitive, it allows the hotel management team to quickly punch in ad-hoc bookings that they may receive from direct channels.  

The system seamlessly integrates with the entire suite of AxisRooms distribution products to ensure the ‘Central Reservation System’lives up to its name and is the singular repository of all reservations made for that hotel. It also means full Interaction with Channel Manager, driving distribution channels based on cost, market segments, and accessibility to the buyer, ensuring maximum return on investment. 

For hotel chains, the CRS provides the flexibility to define anything from the simplest to advanced chain hierarchies in a natural way. It also acts as a content management system for each property to allow information meant for consumption by external stakeholders to be stored easily. Instead of having numbers of occupancy or availability, the CRS allows the user to manage the digital image of his property much like he would manage his physical property. All of this happens through a smooth flow and simple, attractive screens. 

The system’s reservation calendar gives a clear and concise view of a hotel’s reservation status. All information is also abstracted into detailed and easy to understand reports. The hotel can define price points for its room categories on various meal plans easily - identifying the appropriate price setting becomes easier since the system provides calculations to show the user the final price a guest may see post taxes by pulling in tax information defined elsewhere in the system. 

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