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How 'GIF' Is Your Hotel Operating System - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz


The foundation of the success in the Experiential Hotelery lies, without a doubt, on the conversion of hotel stays into positive holistic experiences that remain like indelible marks in the minds of customers. This is the result of the constant interaction that maintain its main operators (hoteliers) with customers, making them feel understood, valued, differentiated and above all, very important.

As a consequence of these interactions, the hotelier obtains an increasing amount of information from the guests assisted, since a couple of valuable behaviors are activated on the guest: the interaction and sharing of information with the hotelier. This leads us to consider the need to apply the Hotel Operating System type GIF (acronym in English Guest Information Friendly) consistent with the development of the information management, with regard to storage, use, update, and sharing.

It is known that in many hotels you will find colleagues with a degree of enviable memory for a pachyderm (alluding to the great memory of elephants) where lies a valuable stock of information on guests attending. However, unfortunately the memory isn't perennial or perfect, without considering the adverse effects of possible leaks from these informational human reservoirs, thus generating the urgent need to transfer all this informatics volume to sites more secure and stable.

However, the collection of the customers' valuable data and its storage is very important for Experiential Hospitality  but it is also being reliable to manage the information at the right time and within the context of need in order to generate positive emotions as joy and surprise, which are key ingredients in the formula of the experiential design.

On the other hand, the holistic character of the experiential design is only achieved if every corner of the Hotel makes the customers feel their emotions to the surface, so the easiness in the exchange of information on the guests among sectors of the Hotel is paramount.

Finally I would like to remark two essential attributes of the hotel service achieved through the use of operating systems type GIF:

1 - The speed of access: since the lower access of time and search for particular information allows us to anticipate customer needs, also minimizing resolution times, which will make the guest feel safe, confident and above all, surprised.

2 - Certainty and reliability on specific information about each guest in particular will make him feel recognized and unique, valued and important, thus avoiding mistakes of identity. 

In short, from the application of Hotel operative systems type Guest Information Friendly (GIF) arise constantly repeated stories like this:

 Mr. and Mrs. Gutiérrez arrive to the Hotel and after the check – in, the clerk greets them as follows:

- Very welcome to the Hotel!!...We have been waiting for you since we have had almost a couple of years without having the pleasure of seeing you again. Thank you very much for choosing us to celebrate your tenth anniversary of marriage in that opportunity…  As usual, you have been assigned your favorite room.

Arriving to the room Mr. and Mrs. Gutiérrez find prepared on a small table a bottle of sparkling wine of their preferred brand and a plate of snack of greens, since they are both vegetarian.

It is interesting, isn't it?   

Osvaldo Torres Cruz

Experiential Hospitality Consultancy

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