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HVS Report - 2016 Manhattan Lodging Review 1Q - By Roland DeMilleret and Erin S. Bagley

The New York City borough of Manhattan is among the strongest, most diverse, and most dynamic hotel markets in the world. Manhattan’s resiliency has been borne out over the course of recovery from three national recessions in the past 25 years.
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2016 Manhattan Lodging Review 1Q


The 2016 HVS Manhattan Lodging Overview examines the effects of up and down economic cycles on Manhattan hotels, reviewing trends in hotel performance, supply, and demand over the past 25 years. The report also provides the most current information available on today’s market, as well as forecasts for supply growth and hotel performance.

Hotel performance in the Manhattan lodging market has experienced some wide fluctuations over the course of up and down economic cycles since 1989. Between January 1989 and March 2016, the market was affected by three national recessions, which produced some dramatic dips in demand.

The most recent and most serious recession (in terms of duration and severity) coincided with a sharp increase in hotel supply in the Manhattan lodging market. Nevertheless, hotel demand did not suffer as much as during the previous two recessions.

The 2015 HVS Manhattan Lodging Overview provides detailed insight and data-rich graphs, charts, and tables in order to track the trajectories of hotel supply, demand, and performance. Together, these insights shed light on the most current factors affecting the hotel landscape in Manhattan—critical market intelligence that hotel developers, lenders, owners, and brand representatives can put to use.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn from the 2016 Manhattan Hotel Market Overview:

Infographic - 2016 Manhattan Hotel Market Overview


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