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The Hospitality Industry Faces a Changing Landscape in Online Reputation Management

Online reviews have come to hold a central place in the hospitality industry. As hoteliers learn to work with this new means of relaying information, they must keep in mind the evolutions that are yet to come - because technology is not stopping here, and with new developments, the hospitality industry must continue adapting.
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The Hospitality Industry faces a changing landscape in Online Reputation Management

What’s the point of ORM? Why it matters?

In our previous article “The Rise of Online Reputation Management in an Age of Online Reviews”, we outlined the ways in which Online Reputation Management – also known as ORM – has evolved in the past decade.

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What is changing in ORM

New structures in marketing

The dynamic of online reviews changes as hotelier’s actively engage with and use these reviews to their advantage. Skift refers to this as –“the commodification of the traveller” – approaching the review-writing guest’s published content as “add[ed] value to the travel supplier’s messaging, marketing, and overall reputation.”

As hoteliers become more involved with and make use of the online content provided by their guests, their focus shifts to integration and attracting guests to the hotel’s website through the online review. The increase of user-generated content across the web propagates a more content-based approach to marketing, with hoteliers who “plug into the system to get people where they want them” – that is, on their hotel’s website – says Mark G. Johnson, consultant for years in the travel and online reputation space, founder of Hotel Chatter and Jaunted, and now consulting for hotels in the web and digital space.

Whether we’re talking about marketing or service, what guests are looking for is a good, genuine experience and genuine service.

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About the company

Customer Alliance is a young, Berlin-based company offering smart solutions for hotels. Customer Alliance’s Review Analytics is the official tool of the German Hotel Association (IHA) for hotel reputation management. More than 35.000 hotels in over 35 countries are already improving their workflow with the 360° reputation management. software.

Review Analytics helps hoteliers get more authentic reviews to improve their online reputation. Hoteliers can keep track of how they are doing in relation to their competitors, as well as more effectively increase their sales by generating commission-free bookings through their own distribution channels.

Since officially starting in 2009, the fast-growing company has become a 90+ person international team composed of members coming from various backgrounds in the tourism & hotel industry.

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