PPC Mistakes

Ditch Hotel Keywords That Never Produce ROI


Get more bang for your marketing buck by replacing overused, broad PPC keywords with targeted phrases. 

A common (and extremely costly) PPC mistake that hoteliers make is sinking too much money into short phrases (three words or less) that are too broad, too generic and too expensive. These high-volume key phrases such as, “Portland hotels” or “Hotels in Salt Lake City,” can quickly eat away at your budget with their high price tag. We’ve seen costs for these overused terms cost up to $8 per click

Even worse, these generic key phrases reap little to no ROI. Usually, an online visitor who uses search for these keywords are at the beginning of their travel search. They don’t yet know which neighborhood they want to stay in, what type of hotel they’re looking for, or even what price range they should expect. In essence, they’re simply “checking things out” with no real intention of booking yet. You’ll have better success with folks in the early stage of research by using phrases that relate to your DESTINATION, rather than hotel-related keywords. 

Yes, there may be thousands of people searching for “Portland hotels,” but when it comes to PPC,  you should strive for quality over quantity of visits. 

The solution is to aim for long tail keywords that are targeted and more specific. So, invest in phrases such as “boutique portland hotel pearl district” or “family friendly downtown Chicago river hotel.” You are more likely to capture traffic from these long tail search terms AND shrink your spend. 

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