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How Marriott Transformed Itself to Meet the Demands of a Digital World - eMarketer

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Global hotel chain Marriott International has faced the same challenges as many other large brands over the past five years: rapid consumer adoption of digital and mobile platforms, heightened customer expectations, shortened marketing cycles and competition from digitally native upstarts. Andy Kauffman, vice president of digital at Marriott, spoke with eMarketer’s Bryan Yeager about his company’s transformation to meet the real-time, always-on demands of today’s digital world. 

eMarketer: In general, how has Marriott’s marketing organization adapted to the demands of a digital world over the past few years?

Andy Kauffman: In the past, we had people focused on their own individual campaigns and maximizing the value of those vs. looking at the totality of the customer experience and ultimately assuring that we were providing more value for the guest or the customer, and in doing so, more value for Marriott.

Fast forward a few years. We put the guests in the center of things now. We look at our journeys across channels. We don’t maximize the value of any individual channel. We look at maximizing the total guest experience and the value that we deliver to them and they deliver to us. That has caused us to break down some walls between historically what we’d call brand marketing and historically what we called ecommerce, the latter of which has become the digital organization as we move beyond commerce.

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