Designing The Guest Experience

The Hotel: 'A Dream World' - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz


The constant growth of hotel offers makes hoteliers look for new strategies to catch the attention of potential clients to choose their business in an extremely competitive market. Globalization turns business differentiation into a great challenge, due to the increasingly common 'copy-paste' of hotel products and their associated services.

Guests are, no doubt, the most important clients of a hotel as a business, because they are the ones that choose, assess and promote it, the three key behaviors that determine its position in the market. So, why not to FULLY CARE about their essence, that is, for what they are, human beings.  

For a better understanding of this issue, we can start by asking ourselves what makes them choose a particular hotel at a given time, in other words, what needs is he/she trying to satisfy, and what ways of thinking make him/her believe that the hotel chosen would satisfy those needs.

In daily life, all people often find their thoughts follow certain fantasies about what they would like to be, what they would like to do or to have done, and what they would like to have or accomplish. In my experience, I can tell that most guests choose a hotel in looking for the appropriate context and means to make their fantasies happen, out of their real world.   

Then, I ask myself, what prevents us from having the guest think of the Hotel as the ideal place where he/she can make ¨their dreams¨ come true? What would happen if the guest finds the hotel as the place:

a) where there is no room for fear, distrust, doubt, lack, worries, negative feeling, selfishness, discrimination and oblivion?

b) where they can control their  time, and not the other way around?

c) where they can constantly experience surprises and joy?

d) where they  can feel important, independently of race, nationality, sexual orientation, economic welfare and gender?

e) that is full of smiles and friendly faces, all willing to attend them?

f) where they  can live moments of a successful life ?

Researchers and theoreticians have found that all fantasies have positive elements, because they provide ¨short and redeeming regressions and the fulfillment of wishes which, in turn, have a healing effect¨. So, they act as stimuli that boost up the behavior to choose and promote the place where they become true.

Perhaps, some readers believe this paper shows a fantasy of the writer. However, as Sigmund Freud said: ¨Fantasies include a large part of the true essence of the constituent personality of the subject", and that a man full of energy "is the one who is successful by his own efforts to turn his fantasies into a reality". Accordingly, I will keep trying to make hoteliers understand the need to become the hotels a ¨dream world¨, not only to our guests, but also to our staff, because a shared dream has more possibilities to become a reality.


Osvaldo Torres Cruz

Experiential Hospitality Consultancy

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