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Enhance Your Hotel's Brand With Snapchat

Take advantage of the latest social media craze and boost your brand and bookings
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Enhance Your Hotel's Brand With Snapchat

CA Customer Alliance

What’s this you say? Another messaging app? Just for the kids, right?

Well, no. Recent partnerships with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has lifted Snapchat from its humble beginnings as a cutesy way for teens to send photos to each other, to a viable platform used by businesses, celebrities and even US presidential candidates.

Can hoteliers take advantage of this?

You can, and you should. Click through to our article to discover how hotels can easily and effectively capitalise on yet another social media craze, including:

  • The basics of Snapchat
  • How to use snapchat video for hotels
  • Utilising ‘geofilters’ for branding and advertising events, just like W hotels did
  • Harnessing guest feedback
  • Tips for making the most of the app

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