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Global Travel Trends Report for December Holidays Already Starting to Surprise - By Catlyn Origitano

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Global Travel Trends Report for December Holidays Already Starting to Surprise


Our latest Global Travel Insights report is out and in it we look forward to Q4 and the December holidays therein. This is an especially busy travel season, with so many global travelers looking to head home or getaway for the holidays. A few of our most interesting planning patterns include:

1. North American travelers are looking for trips later in December.

Our 2015 report indicated that the most popular days to depart for Christmas were, in order, December 23, 19, and 18. This year, December 23, 22, and 26 are the most popular days, meaning travelers are looking for later departures than last year.

2. North American travelers look to travel farther in December than in any other month.

In August 2016,US travelers searched for flights averaging 2,000 miles, but in December, that average jumps to 3,177 miles, an increase of 37%. Early searches are looking to travel farther in December, we’ll see if that holds as more people plan their holiday getaways.

3. Middle Eastern & African are looking to leave the earliest.

The most popular December days for travel in North America and Europe are later in the month, closer to the Christmas holiday. Middle Eastern and African travelers, on the other hand, are looking for departures on December 15, 16, and 22, nearly a week ahead of Europe and North America.

4. Asia-Pacific planning shows lots of divergence for departures.

Singaporean travelers look to leave on December 23, 1, and 16. Japanese travelers, on the other hand, are most interested in departures at the end of the month: December 28, 29, and 30.

5. Mexican travelers are headed to the beach early.

The most popular days in December for departures to the beach are December 9, 8 and 1, in that order. Once there, 37% of Mexican travelers are looking to spend roughly a week (4-7 days) at the beach and 24% are looking for beach getaways for 12 days or more.

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