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World-renowned global futurist Dr. James Canton envisions hotel experiences that include supersonic travel and DNA-driven spa treatments, so what can we expect in the next decade? Canton, a former Apple Computer executive, author and social scientist, worked in conjunction with, to present the Hotels of the Future Study at a recent conference in San Francisco. 

In the study he describes hotels with everything from RoboButlers and virtual reality entertainment to hotel restaurants based on gourmet genomics and the emergence of neurotechnology to make sleep more refreshing. Canton, who has advised three White House Administrations and over 100 companies, believes these megatrends will shape the future of the hotel experience and that the RoboButler is the change we will most likely see first. Although, he also notes that plans are already underway for a supersonic hyperloop route from Los Angeles to New York City. Canton kindly agreed to give Forbes readers a more in-depth look at his thinking. Below he weighs in on what all of this will look like and why we should embrace the next wave of technology.

Which of these trends is most likely to come into fruition first—and are most of these within reach in the next few decades?

Canton: In the Hotels of the Future Study I predict that the top trend will be RoboButlers. These autonomous robots will have artificial intelligence and social skills to be service bots. They can be designed online before arrival and be programmed with special talents, skills, languages and information to help make the hotel stay exceptional. They will do everything from greeting guests at the airport, to offering gourmet food service, room makeup, companionship, education, entertainment, business advice and concierge services. Many of these trends are within reach within the next few decades but some will be available in the next few years, such as: RoboButlers, virtual reality entertainment, longevity Spa’s and 3D printers in the rooms.

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