Managing Guest Expectations

Top Tools to Help GMs Meet Hotel Guest Expectations - By Ashley Proceviat

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Top Tools to Help GMs Meet Hotel Guest Expectations


Even if you have your own messaging right, third parties can impact the way in which guests form expectations about their stay. Because of the many intermediaries at play between hotel properties and guests, it can be difficult to set, and therefore meet, guest expectations. Our eBook dives into many of these challenges while offering ways to overcome them. 

There are many tools at your disposal which can be used to directly interact with potential, current and future guests, effectively cutting out those third parties and helping you meet and exceed guests’ expectations.

Eliciting Feedback

SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular ways to elicit feedback. With 25 million users, it’s a great way to follow up with your guests, learn from their experiences, and make improvements, if necessary. With customizable templates, you can quickly and easily create free surveys. The analytics suite is pretty impressive as well.

Just getting started? Google Forms is becoming more popular and is another option for getting feedback from your guests after their stay. It’s also integrated with Google’s other apps, so your reporting can be delivered via Google spreadsheets.

Some tips for creating a solid survey:

  • Test out the questions and the format of the survey beforehand.
  • Always include an area where your guest can provide more open-ended feedback.
  • Avoid leading questions (e.g., “How would you rate our fabulous restaurant” prompts the respondent to give you the answer you want, rather than truthful feedback).

Monitoring Social Media

By 2020, the number of social network users worldwide is forecast to be 2.34 billion, nearly a third (31%) of the global population. Having a social media presence is a great way to set and manage expectations about your hotel and offerings, as well as monitor engagement. 

If you don’t want to worry about posting every few hours, Buffer is a great way to schedule your posts across multiple media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, ahead of time. It’s a true ‘set it and forget it’ tool. Buffer also provides analytics about engagement with your posts, like how many comments, likes and shares it’s received.

Another way to monitor your overall engagement is through Social Mention. Social mention aggregates 100+ social media outlets to provide a single source of information. Just type your property’s name in the homepage, and you’ll be able to see how people are engaging with you and what they’re saying about you. You can also set up daily email alerts so you can see how engagement changes over time.

Driving Direct Bookings with Relevant Messaging

With Sojern, you can set and manage expectations with new the potential guests through targeted advertising to travelers in-market to visit your destination. We drive travelers to your own website, where expectations are set with first-hand information about your hotel and offerings, and where they can book directly with you. 

Sojern’s RevDirect solution is always on, building brand awareness, and generating valuable insights about your audience, market and hotel performance, helping you better understand your audience in order to make more informed business decisions. 

For more tools and help with managing guest expectations, check out our latest eBook.

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