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Hotelier’s Gain on Interface of Jio Money with EZee

Empowering hoteliers with an option to offer secure digital payments
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Hotelierís gain on interface of Jio Money with eZee

eZee Technosys

Striving to procure ancillary services for hospitality industry, eZee Technosys Pvt Ltd has unleashed interface of Jio Money with eZee NextGen successfully.

eZee NextGen, a combination of eZee FrontDesk on-premise PMS and eZee BurrP! on-premise point-of-sale software constitute as the significant origin of the global hospitality solution providers. Offering an array of payment gateways in eZee NextGen, eZee has consolidated with a semi-closed prepaid wallet vendor Jio Money recently, facilitating hoteliers to give their guests a chance to perform secure cashless payment of their bills.

eZee’s Co-Founder and CTO - Vipul Kapoor says, “On the wave of demonetization in India and considering the hype of cashless transactions in industries across the world, we added a feature for cashless payments through this interface of Jio Money with eZee NextGen enabling hoteliers to provide optimal service to their guests. Many hoteliers have shown interest in this compelling feature.”

The hotelier and restaurants across nation can either opt for Jio Pay device or simply go for Jio Money digital transactions to collect secure payments. Jio Money aims to enable and simplify mobile transactions in which one can store the money and purchase goods using Jio Money app right from their fingertips.

“With this integration we are empowering hoteliers to provide Indian guests with an option to pay hotel and restaurant bills in cashless way through Jio Money, a semi-closed wallet. Post demonetization, severe cash crunch is witnessed. This cashless payment option eliminates both: waiting in queues for cash and keeping cash in one’s wallet,” Jitendra Jariwala - Head of eZee NextGen Product Development said.

Furthermore, if any hotelier who wants to avail the services of Jio Money with eZee NextGen, he will need to pay one-time activation charges only for Jio Money service in the software.

For end users, Jio Money has two types of account offering, first is Jio Money basic account which can be availed sans any documents and one just needs to download Jio Money Wallet app from Google Play store for android versions or Apple iTunes for iOS. While, other is the advanced account for premium customers where they need to provide documents to avail the service. Additionally, your guests can easily bookmark their merchants and record transactions in their mobile apps eliminating the need for keeping record of expenses in diaries.

Needless to say, eZee’s services have been in demand since its inception and has proved efficient for hospitality industry worldwide. With this feature, they strive to make a significant impact in digital transactions.

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eZee Technosys is one of the few hospitality solutions providers in the world, offering a complete suite of IT solutions for the hospitality industry that cover hotel management, web booking engine, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and mobile applications and more. Incorporated in 2005, the company today serves more than 6000 clients in 140 plus countries across the globe. eZee’s presence has been further solidified through their strong network of more than 200 Channel Partners.

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