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Opening a Hotel? Give All Your Distribution to Online Agencies - Tnooz

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Here's a comment that is likely to make the hairs stand on end of many a hotelier and critics of online travel agencies.

"If I was starting a hotel from scratch, I'd give all my distribution to OTAs and just concentrate on the guest and their experience."

That was the feedback from David Turnbull, chief commercial officer and co-founder of SnapShot, during a recent discussion about the power (helpful or otherwise) of OTAs.

Speaking at the Seize Opportunity In Disruption conference for hotels in London last week, Turnbull argues that the role of OTAs can be a vital one for filling a property, especially small independent hotels.

His idea is that the amount of time, effort and resources that hotels spend "trying to claw back direct bookings isn't doing the guest any favours".

"As long as the guest is happy with their stay (regardless of how they booked), they are good."

Such a strategy could work for independents, those trying to get off the ground, Turnbull says. 

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