The Fresh Air Floor

Ellis Hotel’s Themed Floors, Wellness Room Grab Traveler, Media Attention - By Glenn Hasek

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The historic, recently renovated Ellis Hotel, an Atlanta landmark for more than a century, is catering to women, pet lovers, wellness aficionados and eco-conscious travelers in a highly unique fashion - by allocating floor and room space to meet the preferences of those travelers, and charging more for it.

The 10th floor of the hotel is a women’s only floor, the idea of Tom LaVaccare, Director of Sales & Marketing at the 127-room property. The floor has been a success and has garnered a lot of attention with many major media outlets reporting on it. LaVaccare says the floor is the result of research he conducted of the hotel’s largest accounts. “The female executives wanted their own floor,” he says.

Women wishing to stay on the 10th floor pay $20 extra per night for a deluxe room and $40 more each night for a premium room. The room key provides access to the floor. The rooms feature an L’Occitane gift bag of luxurious toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, refreshing wipe, and a nail file all in a cosmetics bag. Through a Chelko Foundation partnership, women also receive a miniature replica of the painting, the “Chelko Heart.” This is in addition to other toiletries, slippers, plush robes and more.

The Fresh Air Floor

On the 15th floor of the hotel is the Fresh Air Floor—another idea of LaVaccare and the result of a conversation he had with a friend who worked with Beyond by Aerus. Beyond by Aerus is the maker of portable air purifiers and other items. For a $20 per night premium, guests stay in rooms and on a private-access floor that has had all surfaces treated by Beyond by Aerus. Each room includes sealed mattresses and pillows, deep cleaned carpets, and an air purifier. The hallway also has an air purifier. In addition to routine cleaning by housekeeping, the floor is serviced twice each year by Beyond by Aerus. “It’s been a huge success,” LaVaccare says.

On the 16th floor, in a corner room, is the Wellness Room. For an additional $40 per night, guests get to experience the following: air purification, a magnetic mattress topper, a dream comforter with anti-allergenic fibers and that includes far infrared & magnetic technology, PiMag waterfall system that purifies, ionizes, alkalinizes and mineralizes water, PiMag microjet shower system with Micro Bubble technology that removes impurities while revitalizing skin cells and hair follicles, Kenko light full spectrum lamp that simulates natural sunlight without harmful UV rays, and Kenko Magnetic Seat that provides support and comfort. Because of the magnetic items, travelers with pacemakers or in the first trimester of pregnancy are advised not to book the room.

Moving down the elevator to the third floor, the Ellis Hotel offers a Pet-Friendly Floor. There, guests pay an extra $80 a night to stay with their dogs and/or cats.

The themed floors and room are not the only features that distinguish the Ellis Hotel. The property is Green Seal certified at the Silver level. “It’s an arduous process,” LaVaccare says. “It takes two months to complete the process.” The Ellis Hotel uses nontoxic, biodegradable housekeeping products and nontoxic paints with minimal VOCs, incorporates water-efficient landscaping and grounds keeping measures, utilizes water-saving fixtures in guestrooms and public areas, features energy-efficient lighting in all guestrooms and public areas, uses energy-efficient appliances and windows, minimizes the use of disposable items, and has recycling and composting programs. The Ellis Hotel sends its partially used soap and amenities to Clean the World.

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