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Top Destination Trend Report: International Countries Outpace Domestic Travel

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More Americans are traveling out of the country than ever before, according to travel insurance comparison site, squaremouth.com. Using sales data for trips to its 10 most popular destinations, Squaremouth breaks down key travel trends over the past three years.


Top 10 Destinations for U.S. Travelers

3-Year Growth Percentage

1.    United States (+22%)    

6.    France (+15%)           

2.    Mexico (+63%)               

7.    Spain (+65%)                    

3.    Italy (+35%)                     

8.    Bahamas (+17%)          

4.    Canada (+117%)              

9.    Germany (+36%)          

5.    United Kingdom (+35%)    

10.  Israel (+40%)              

International Travel Outpaces Domestic Travel

Travel to popular international destinations has grown at a faster rate than domestic travel over the past three years.

  • The U.S. is the top overall destination, but it remains one of the slowest growing 
  • Canada was the only top destination to double its total number of visitors

Average Spending Plateaus for U.S. Travelers 

Overall, the average spending for U.S. travelers has flattened over the past three years. 

  • The Bahamas (+30%) and the U.S. (+25%) saw the largest increases in average trip cost, while no other country on the list saw an increase above 10% 
  • Trips to Italy are the most expensive of the top 10 destinations, with an average trip cost of $4,654
  • Trips to Mexico are the least expensive at $2,264

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