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EZee Introduces New Rate Shopping Tool for Sure Fire Benchmarking for Hoteliers

Running a gainful business involves staying up-to-date with market happenings. Thereupon, with result driven hospitality solutions; eZee launches a pricing intelligence tool for hoteliers to outperform competitions with smarter rate shopping.
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eZee introduces new Rate Shopping Tool for sure fire benchmarking for hoteliers

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Revenue management and pricing intelligence tools are indispensable for digital hotel business management of modern times. Therefore, adding another element to Rate and Yield Management utilities, eZee has gone a step ahead to offer advanced rate shopping to hoteliers. Revenue management features of eZee solutions are further solidified by addition of this competition tracking tool.

Owing to the growing competitiveness, it is imperative for hoteliers to know where they rank in sprint. Hospitality industry is dynamically priced market where businesses set pricing strategies according to revenue objectives, guest influx, market demand, and rates offered by competition. Hence, competitor benchmarking and market positioning become deciding factors in establishing authority and company growth.

On account of 10+ years of experience in industry, eZee empathizes with technological requirements and optimizes hotel management with their all-in-one hospitality solutions. This time, it is Rate Shopping Tool that is incorporated to extensive eZee solutions package.

Facilitating hoteliers with tracking competition pricing, this tool empowers them with bulk of scalable features. Dynamic dashboard shows hotel’s own rates and data along with selected set of competitors to make evaluation.

Hoteliers can analyze and compare pricing with chosen hotels for multiple OTAs , and decide BAR on all OTAs for a certain duration; then they can allot specific inventory to create optimum online demand and thereby revenue.

Provision for price change forecasting is the most exclusive feature of eZee’s Rate Shopping Tool that gives a 30 day outlook of competitors’ potential rate change.

Users get room type description and historical data over various OTAs to benchmark and understand competitor pricing behavior. Thus, not just price attractiveness for a specific platform, but hoteliers can manage price decisions for their property on all OTAs they want.

Many hoteliers use free rate shopping tools offered by OTAs that aim to encourage more transactions on their platforms. However, conceptually this independent tool offered by eZee is different because it aims to benefit hoteliers by escalating direct revenue.

For a hotelier, implementing this tool will lead to efficient rate and inventory availability management across numerous distribution channels while monitoring competition. Users can easily make strategic decisions on room rates every day with eZee’s online competitiveness solution and generate optimal revenue.

Thus, by setting best possible price for a room on a right time for a right guest, hoteliers ideally achieve primary objective of revenue management.

Interestingly, eZee developers are offering this tool for free to hoteliers to evaluate it for a month. Visit eZee’s Rate Shopper Tool for more details or contact

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