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4 Insights for North American Travel This Summer - By Marissa Rasmussen

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4 Insights for North American Travel This Summer


Warm weather is upon us and summer vacation travel is heating up. Sojern’s latest Global Travel Insights Report takes a look back at how North Americans traveled in Q1 and dives into travel intent data for Q2. Here we highlight four insights:

1. Early North American planners are looking to take longer trips in June. Almost half (46%) of summer searches are for 3 days or less. However, if we look specifically at June, this number decreases to 34% with the majority of searches (46%) happening for trips lasting 12+ days.

Takeaway: Ensure your packages and promotions are tailored to these longer trips by providing exclusive upgrades or discounts.

2. Those looking to travel in June are searching to depart at both the very beginning and very end of the month. The top two searched departure dates are June 1 and June 30. The start of summer/end of the school year and the weekend before the 4th of July, respectively, are likely the reasons for these heavily searched dates.

Takeaway: Start your summer travel campaigns now so you don’t miss out on travelers who are currently searching for travel in June.

3. Seattle emerges as a top searched recreational destination for this summer compared to our April Look Forward, joining London, Orlando, and Chicago. While big cities always drive volume, it’s clear that North Americans are searching for the next hot spot.

Takeaway: Create visually stunning campaigns using Video or Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel to showcase your destination in a way that appeals to these wanderlusters, and capture them early on in their travel planning.

4. Short-haul travelers are likely to enjoy long weekends this summer with 21% searching for Thursday departures and 22% searching for Friday departures.

Takeaway: Travelers are deciding how long of a weekend they want to take. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage new customers by targeting them with both upper-funnel and mid-funnel messaging, and introduce them to your brand. 

Want even more insights on the North American traveler? Download the full report now!

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