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One by DerbySoft Launches New Website For One Platform

New website offers free 30-day trial of One, a fully-integrated hotel distribution platform, for independent hoteliers.

DerbySoft is a new, comprehensive website that provides extensive product information, industry analysis, and a free 30-day trial of One by DerbySoft. The new website serves as a valuable resource to both prospective customers and independent hoteliers already utilising the all-in-One platform. 

One by DerbySoft logoWith the launch of the new website, customers now benefit from rich, easy-to-navigate online content. Independent hoteliers have access to informative eBooks, how-to-videos, informative blogs, case studies, and a resource centre. The resource centre provides in-depth information regarding One’s various modules, solutions, and services to help ensure an optimal, user-friendly experience. 

DerbySoft has also expanded its 30-day free trial to provide customers with full access to all of One’s core modules, enabling independent hoteliers to “test drive” the fully-integrated distribution platform at no-risk or obligation. The platform interface is supported by 12 languages. 

“Our focus is to continue to support hoteliers by providing them with an all-in-one tool to navigate hotel distribution, and in addition, provide a dedicated website to continue that support on all levels.” Martin Harlow, Interim Vice President at DerbySoft. 

“We want to break down the barriers to the market for independent hoteliers. Our tool is not only affordable but offers a free, no obligation, 30 day trial. It gives access to all areas - hoteliers can set up a website, take direct bookings and use our channel manager without having to enter any credit card details,” Martin added, “but they can also use add-ons and services as they see fit, and everything under one login and one platform.” 

Free trial includes unlimited access to:

One Central Create and manage hotel content, update availability, and analyse hotel performance from One location.
Booking Engine – Increase direct conversions with a specially-optimised solution.
Hotel Website Builder – Reduce dependency on online travel agents with a professional website.
Channel Manager – Update all rates and availability across booking channels. Reduce the risk of overbooking and save time. 

To continually address the needs of the independent hotelier, DerbySoft is currently developing new services, and more exciting add-on solutions are currently in the pipeline. 

About DerbySoft

Founded by Ted Zhang and Feng Ou, DerbySoft is a global technology company that has connected hotels with distributors since 2002. DerbySoft designs innovative software solutions to provide large hotels and distributors with custom connectivity (Build), smaller hotels with streamlined connectivity (Go), and a range of metasearch solutions (Click). In 2016, DerbySoft extended its hotel technology services with a fully-integrated platform for independent hotels, One.

DerbySoft holds office locations in Dallas and Shanghai.

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