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REBEL Travel Corporation Partners With 38th Street Studios to Launch REBEL Analytics a Performance Marketing Service for the Hospitality

New Partnership Leverages Data to Improve Digital Marketing in the Hotel Industry

REBEL Travel Corporation

REBEL Travel Corporation and 38th Street Studios have announced a partnership to create new solutions that will revolutionize how hotels audit, analyze, forecast, and generate qualified demand online.

Offered as a shared service across REBEL Travel Corporation brands, this signature service provided by REBEL Analytics is the Performance Marketing Audit. Some of the key components for the Performance Marketing Audit solution include:

  • Custom analytics and marketing
  • Loyalty program analytics
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Risk modeling
  • Competitive analyses
  • Demand modeling and forecasting

These services matter to the hotel industry because, as Fred Bean, CEO of REBEL Travel Corporation says, "Today's digital marketing environment is fraught with confusion and frustration for hoteliers. Whether its agency-speak, low ROI, poor reporting or lack of transparency, the simple fact of the matter is that agency services leave much to be desired for hotels. We've partnered with 38th Street Studios to help hoteliers solve those problems and to arm them with the detailed analysis needed to optimize their performance and increase revenue."

REBEL Analytics will offer a suite of audit packages that have been designed to match the needs of specific clients.

The Starter Package is a small step into using data analytics to gain actionable insight into consumer behavior and hotel operations. This approach offers an overview of various metrics along with visualizations of patterns within the data. These are then used to generate targeted recommendations based on the quantified insights, along with further potential areas of interest.

The Bronze Package analyzes a 10-day engagement with consumers. The report includes:

  • An executive summary
  • Targeted recommendations
  • Exploratory analysis
  • Data audits
  • Data cleansing and transformations for analysis
  • Suggested future analyses and business ROI opportunities

The Silver Package analyzes a 15-day engagement. The report comes with features included in the Bronze Package, plus a detailed customer segmentation and data-driven strategies for each customer segment.

The Gold Package analyzes a 30-day engagement. Clients that choose the Gold Package will receive features from the Bronze Package, as well as:

  • A new guest segment classifier model
  • Base lifetime value of guest segments
  • Basic cross- and up-selling opportunities

Ken Clay, CEO of 38th Street Studios says "Every Business Owner's [in this case, a Hotel Director’s & General Manager’s] greatest asset is their data. However, just like oil, it's only useful when it's refined. 38th Street Studios is excited to partner with an industry leader and innovator like Fred Bean and REBEL Travel Corporation to help hotels leverage their data so that they can maximize their business operations and technology investments. 38th Street Studios specializes in predictive analytics and have developed custom solutions to revolutionize industry leaders in the luxury ground transportation, construction, and in the venue management space. We are extremely excited to work with hospitality leaders to do the same."

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Miami Beach-based REBEL Travel Corporation is a provider of marketing, technology, and consulting solutions for the global travel and entertainment industries. For more information about REBEL, its companies, brands, and solution may be obtained by visiting REBEL’s website at

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38th Street Studios is a technology solutions firm developing customizable data-driven business tools. Understanding that state-of-the-art means continual improvement, its highly specialized, elite team looks to work with clients who strive to move their organizations to the next level of success. Its mission is to deliver on that goal by offering business solutions developed using the client’s data and domain expertise. The solutions are used to predict future outcomes in both revenue production and cost containment.

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