Facebook's Dynamic Ads For Travel

How Dynamic Ads for Travel Differ from Other Facebook Ads - By Ashley Proceviat

Get the ins and outs of Facebook's Dynamic Ads for Travel - from real-time pricing to tailored re-messaging - to see why so many in travel marketing are flock to this form of advertising.
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How DAT Differs from Other Facebook Ads


This year, eMarketer expects one in three display ad dollars will be on Facebook. That is serious investment from brands looking to engage with the nearly 2 billion monthly active users on the social media giant. We’ve talked a lot about Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Travel (DAT), and how it is uniquely positioned to help travel brands reach customers in an effective way. But how does DAT stand apart from Facebook’s other ad types? Here, we highlight what makes DAT different from the rest.

Dynamic Creatives for tailored re-messaging

Like Facebook’s Dynamic Ads (formerly called Dynamic Products Ads, or DPA), DAT allows brands to re-message with the same property the person was looking at. In the DAT campaigns we’ve run with Fairmont, the creative shown to travelers looking at Fairmont Chicago would differ from those looking at Fairmont Montebello.

Screenshot - Example of Fairmont’s Facebook ads

Example of Fairmont’s Facebook ads

Real-time Pricing

Instead of putting a price estimate (for example, putting something like “flights from $99”), DAT allows you to put the most updated pricing data in your Facebook ads.

Real-time Availability

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing an ad, clicking on it or visiting the site directly, and finding that the product or service you were interested in is no longer available. Like real-time pricing, DAT allows you to provide your most updated availability, so you’re only offering the rooms or flights that you can actually sell. 

Specific Focus on Traveler Needs

The things that are important when someone is buying a pair of jeans (wash, size, etc.) is very different from someone looking to plan their travel. Bespoke to the needs of travel advertisers, DAT takes the best of Dynamic Ads, combined with parameters relevant to travel, such as:

  • specific departure and arrival dates
  • number of travelers (including whether those travelers are children or not)
  • hotel star ratings
  • airport codes
  • and so on.

You’re able to hone in on what your potential customers are searching for, in order to serve them the most fitting flight, room, or destination offering.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily make Facebook DAT a better strategy for travel advertisers—each Facebook ad type is effective in its own way, depending on what your goals are. However, DAT is great for direct response and targeting your potential customers in a more bespoke way. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us now.

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