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EZee Assists Global Hoteliers to Hike Up Direct Bookings Using Google Hotel Ads

As an authorized integration partner for Google Hotel Ads, eZee is gathering immense response from hoteliers to join the program. The program enables hoteliers to generate more direct bookings and increase global reach.
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eZee Assists Global Hoteliers to Hike up Direct Bookings Using Google Hotel Ads

eZee Technosys

After retiring Google Hotel Finder, Google came up with a more effective hotel finding technique while evolving the way hotels appear in search results. This program is known as Google Hotel Ads. Having been certified as Google’s authorized Hotel Ads integration partner last year, eZee began inviting hoteliers to join in. The program states to generate more direct leads for hoteliers right from the search engine.

More than just facilitation of starting with hotel ads, eZee has been guiding hoteliers on how to more efficiently utilize this program. Significant enhancement in response shows that hoteliers are not only constantly benefiting from this, but also achieving high conversion rate as compared to regular traffic. There are millions of travel and accommodation booking inquiries on Google every day. Hence, hoteliers who are actively participating and investing in their listing for GHA with eZee, are witnessing hike in direct sales.

In addition, eZee already provides all booking and distribution management solutions such as a booking engine. Hoteliers would need a high quality responsive Booking Engine in order to capture and effectively manage bookings acquired through these Hotel Ads.

Till date, eZee has successfully enrolled cluster of hoteliers for hotel ads, while witnessing continual engagement. As an integration partner, eZee works with all categories of hoteliers and bridges them with Google, and provides hotel’s rates and availability to Google for indexing. Then, Google charges hoteliers for each acquired booking, except no show and cancellations; that is only for confirmed bookings. Thus, Google Hotel Ads have proven to be a cost effective channel that brings direct bookings as well as displays latest rates and rooms availability.

Moreover, eZee is duly conducting performance optimization research for this channel, so that hoteliers can achieve maximum benefit in terms of revenue and increased direct bookings. eZee has evidently worked towards equipping hoteliers with modern online distribution channels. Apart from making them aware about ways to increase direct sales, eZee provides consistent consultation too about leveraging their business.

eZee is global leader in developing hotel management technologies, that are complemented by their vigorous educational endeavors and value added services. Hoteliers willing to enroll for Google Hotel Ads with eZee, here is how they can start.

About Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads Program allows hoteliers to showcase advertisements directly in Google’s search results. By these ads, hoteliers can connect to the guests directly when they are looking for hotels in their region. Once the guest selects the hotel, they can see options to book through Google Hotel Ads. Google will charge hoteliers monthly for confirmed bookings acquired through these ads.

About eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys is one of the few complete hospitality IT solutions providers in the world. Offering solutions that cover hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and hotel mobile apps. eZee offers on-premise along with cloud based solutions as well as mobile applications for eZee solutions. Founded in 2005, eZee Technosys today serves more than 6000 clients in more than 140 countries across the globe. Visit eZee’s corporate website for more.

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