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Sojern’s Report Offers Insights into Europe’s Travel Powerhouses - By Ashley Proceviat

Sojern’s latest Destination Report delves into the inbound and outbound trends for the United Kingdom and France to help travel marketers plan more effective campaigns.
The Eiffel tower in Paris
Inbound and Outbound Trends for the United Kingdom and France


Thanks to world-class food, culture, and adventure, the United Kingdom and France are global travel and tourism leaders. Britain’s tourism industry, for example, is forecasted to be worth over £257 billion by 2025. Travel marketers, conversely, want to attract French and British travellers and their spending power.

Sojern’s latest Destination Report: A Focus on the United Kingdom and France, delves into inbound and outbound trends to help travel marketers plan more effective campaigns. Here’s a sample of what we uncovered:

Travellers to the UK and France, whether they come from inside or outside of Europe, plan their trips early

Europeans are known for shorter trip durations, which usually means a shorter lead time. But even they plan travel to the UK and France well in advance. There is only a 4% increase in the percentage of non-European travellers with a lead time of over 30 days compared to European travellers. The UK and France have slightly higher global average lead times of 73 and 67 days, respectively. 

Sri Lanka appeals to British and French travellers while the US, Cuba, and Iceland decline

We see Sri Lanka increase in interest for French and British travellers. Sri Lanka rises five and eight spots, respectively, on our list of biggest rising countries.

On the other hand, the US, Cuba, and Iceland decline in French and British travel intent. The strong US dollar makes travel to the US pricier than it once was, which could explain this drop. Increasing American interest in Cuba may put off French and British travellers. They may feel that these developments would change the “authentic” Cuban experience. Finally, Iceland’s status as off the beaten track may now be well worn.

France and the UK rising as inbound destinations

If you thought it was impossible for these countries to be even more popular, think again. The UK rises two spots as a top destination for both Western Europe and Latin America from last year. Middle Eastern travellers also show a stronger intent to travel to the UK this year. 

On the other hand, France climbs the rankings for North American and East and South Asian travellers. This is extremely positive to see. These regions saw declines in travel intent to France following the terror attacks in November 2015. 

Want even more travel trends? Download the entire report now.

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