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Fibra Inn Reports 9.9 Percent RevPar Increase for June 2017

Fibra Inn Announces Hotel Indicators for June 2017 and Second Quarter 2017

Fibra Inn

Deutsche Bank Mexico, S.A., Banking institution, Trust Division F/1616 or Fibra Inn (BMV: FINN13, ADR OTC: DFBRY), an internally managed Mexican real estate investment trust specialized in the hotel industry serving the business traveler, today announced its operating results for its hotel indicators of June 2017 and second quarter 2017.

MONTHLY SAME-STORE SALES                    
41 hotels       June 2017     June 2016     Change %
Room Revenue (Ps. millions)       149.7     140.6     6.5%
Occupancy exc. addition of rooms       65.1%     62.1%     3 pp
Occupancy       65.3%     62.1%     3.1 pp
ADR (Ps.)       1,165.2     1,147.9     1.5%
RevPar exc. addition of rooms       759.1     713.1     6.5%
RevPar (Ps.)       760.5     713.1     6.6%

The 6.5% increase in Revenue per Available Room was the net effect of the 1.5% rate increase and a 3.0 percentage points occupancy increase.

Total Sales for June 2017 were:

MONTHLY TOTAL SALES                    
        June 2017     June 2016     Change %
Number of hotels       42     42      
Room Revenue (Ps. millions)       153.9     141.9     8.5%
Occupancy       65.0%     60.6%     4.4 pp
ADR (Ps.)       1,175.8     1,147.6     2.5%
RevPar       764.4     695.8     9.9%

As a result of the above, operating indicators for 2Q17 were as follows:

QUARTERLY SAME-STORE SALES                    
41 hotels       2Q17     2Q16     Change %
Room Revenue (Ps. millions)       459.0     418.6     9.6%
Occupancy exc. addition of rooms       64.5%     62.2%     2.3 pp
Occupancy       64.4%     62.2%     2.2 pp
ADR (Ps.)       1,194.6     1,130.2     5.7%
RevPar exc. addition of rooms       770.6     702.8     9.6%
RevPar (Ps.)       768.9     702.8     9.4%
QUARTERLY TOTAL SALES                    
        2Q17     2Q16     Change %
Number of hotels       42     42      
Room Revenue (Ps. millions)       472.2     418.0     13.0%
Occupancy       64.1%     61.6%     2.5 pp
ADR (Ps.)       1,206.0     1,129.9     6.7%
RevPar       773.0     696.3     11.0%

The same-store sales calculation considers 41 comparable properties, as the criterion is to include hotels, which have been in Fibra Inn’s portfolio for at least half of the period. In this report, two hotels were excluded in total. These were: the Courtyard by Marriott Chihuahua hotel, which is recently built and has no operational history; and the Arriva Express Hotel Guadalajara, which is temporarily closed due to its conversion to the AC by Marriott brand.

To date, Fibra Inn has a total portfolio of 43 properties, of which 42 are under operation; the Arriva Express Guadalajara hotel is temporarily closed to the public due to its conversion to the AC by Marriott brand, which will add 180 rooms to the portfolio. This represents a total of 7,115 rooms, of which 222 are under construction and 180 are being renovated. Additionally, Fibra Inn has a minority interest in two properties, currently being externally developed under the Strategic Hotel Acquisition Pipeline model, representing 430 rooms.

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