Digital Accessibility

Competition Forces Hotels to Comply with Digital Accessibility Standards

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American hotels and other hospitality establishments are taking steps to ensure that all guests and clients are awarded a fully accessible experience both on site and online. In response to the more than 50 million adults living in the United States with disabilities, hotels are starting to make more sweeping changes to ensure that visitors' experience at their hotel is not hampered by limited accessibility or inconvenience.

Increasingly, in addition to meeting the ADA-outlined facility requirements, hotels are revamping their websites to include extended descriptions of their room options and accessibility features to allow those with disabilities to confirm whether the rooms will meet their needs. To further make their websites resonate with those living with disabilities, many hotels are also adding key features such as captions and alternative text to their websites to aid the hearing and visually impaired. These simple changes bring these hotels into accessibility compliance, and they also hold the potential to bring new clients into these hotels.

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