How To Maximize RevPAR

How to Maximize RevPAR: An EBook for Independent Hoteliers - By Catlyn Origitano

How to Maximize RevPAR: An eBook for Independent Hoteliers - Cover
How to Maximize RevPAR: An eBook for Independent Hoteliers


It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? You want to make more money? Just increase your rates. However, finding ways to maximize and continually grow rates while maintaining high occupancy is, and will always be, the biggest challenge any property faces. Our new eBook, Hotel Management eBook: Maximizing RevPAR, highlights a number of industry-leading ways for hoteliers to think about hotel management in order to maximize RevPAR.

One key to increasing your RevPAR is finding ways to add value to your product and enriching the guest experience. We’ve compiled some of the most creative and industry-leading examples for driving incremental revenue: 

Have Fun with Your Pet-Friendly Fees 

Fairmont Jasper Lodge does a superb job of folding their pet-friendly fees into their brand and website. They donate a portion of the fees to the local animal shelter and also have their own canine ambassador. They also offer a number of complimentary pet-friendly additions, such as water bowls and biscuits—delighting any pet lover:

A labrador

Fairmont Jasper Lodge 

Get Creative with Low-Effort, High-Luxury Add Ons

Upselling promises the guest a remarkable stay and allows you an opportunity to add to your bottom line. Think outside the box with your upsells to really delight your guests and drive up your bottom line. 

The Hotel on Rivington offers a unique “Bath Ritual Package” that doesn’t require a great deal of effort on the staff’s part, but offers guests a special and luxurious stay:

A luxurious hotel bath roomSample text for a hotel package

Get the Guide to get even more tips and techniques for maximizing your property’s RevPAR.

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