Airbnb And The Hotel Industry

Miami Hotels Are Making Money on Airbnb - Miami Herald

Excerpt from Miami Herald

The hotel industry may be waging war on Airbnb, but that hasn’t stopped hotels in Miami-Dade from sleeping with the enemy. 

Of course, to most properties that have chosen to list some of their hotel rooms on the home-sharing platform, Airbnb is anything but an enemy and rather just another site to advertise their product. They’re far removed from the ongoing tension between Airbnb and the American Hotel and Lodging Association, which has devised a detailed plan around the nation to squash the growth of short-term rental platforms. 

The intersection of hotels and Airbnb has, naturally, found a home in Miami-Dade, one of the top five short-term rental markets in the country. More than 100 South Florida boutique hotels list some, if not all, of their rooms on Airbnb, the company estimates. 

They are part of a growing number of properties in the U.S. that have moved onto the site, particularly since last November when Airbnb started aggressively courting boutique hotels to list on the platform. Since then, 15,000 hotels around the country have become Airbnb hosts, tweeted Airbnb founder Brian Chesky earlier this month.

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