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HVS Market Report - Indonesia Hotel Watch 2017 (PDF Download)

The fifth edition of the Indonesia Hotel Watch highlights Indonesia’s current hospitality landscape, analysing domestic and international demand and hotel supply dynamics of classified and non-classified hotels.
Lombok, Indonesia - Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
HVS Market Report - Indonesia Hotel Watch 2017


HVS Singapore is pleased to publish the fifth edition of the Indonesia Hotel Watch (IHW) 2017. This publication provides an insight into the top ten hotel markets in Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago. 

Growth in the global economy is likely to be uneven and imbalanced over the next few years, as the world continues to struggle to meet its sustainable development  goals.  Geopolitical  risks  as  well  as  policy  and  regulatory decisions will largely determine economic outcomes and the global operating environment. Economists expect emerging-market regions to continue outperforming developed-world markets. However, the overall outlook is somewhat subdued, as growth drivers rebalance short-term growth and long- term sustainability. 

Through  this  IHW  2017  publication,  we  present  detailed  research  and unbiased opinions to encourage data-driven fundamental analysis to take lead in the decision-making process. We have analysed the overall hospitality landscape in Indonesia, highlighting the demand and supply dynamics and future growth potential. Given the strong growing domestic middle class, HVS has decided to provide greater insight on its growth in Indonesia. 

2017 started on a sluggish note but is expected to improve following a strong 5% GDP growth in 2Q2017.  Of the ten markets we track, five markets have positive RevPAR change from 2015 to 2016. In addition, three markets are forecasted to have positive RevPAR growth for 3-year CAGR.

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