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Hotel Success Stories Booklet: How to Tackle Industry Challenges and Drive Direct Bookings - By Marissa Rasmussen

New eBook tells the stories of leading boutique hotels who partnered with Sojern to tackle industry challenges and drive direct bookings.


Our new eBook, Hotel Success Stories: Sojern’s Customer Success Booklet, tells the stories of leading boutique and independent hotels who partnered with Sojern to tackle some of their industry challenges, including SEM, brand awareness, and more. Here we highlight a few of the success stories and results:

How Cherry Tree Inn & Suites Increased Direct Bookings Through SEM

Cherry Tree Inn & Suites are partners of Sojern for the past several years, running targeted display campaigns to drive travelers to book direct. As a result of adding SEM to their current display campaign with Sojern, they received an additional 285 direct bookings. 

How Eat.Drink.Sleep Reached In-Market Travelers Through Data-Driven Display Ads

Eat.Drink.Sleep wanted to drive in-market travelers, or travelers who had shown intent to visit either the destination or property, to their two properties in Lake San Marcos and Bakersfield. By partnering with Sojern, who has the data to target these in-market travelers with relevant display ads, Eat.Drink.Sleep generated $127,000 in additional revenue.

How Oban Inn Found New Guests and Drove Them to Book Direct

Oban Inn has to compete with a company who owns 90% of the hotel rooms in Niagara-on-the-Falls. Due to this challenge, they partnered with Sojern to get creative in their marketing strategy to drive direct bookings. As a result, they generated $46,000 in gross revenue in just seven months.

Not only did these hotels drive direct bookings while tackling some of their challenges, but they also did it by only paying on the stay. With Sojern’s risk-free RevDirect™ platform, we take on all the upfront cost, only charging hoteliers if a booking driven by one of our ads results in a completed stay.

To read the rest of the hotel success stories and results, download the eBook today.

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