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ITG Networks Surpasses Expectations During Red Roof Inn Verified Wifi Installation

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ITG Networks Surpasses Expectations During Red Roof Inn Verified Wifi Installation

ITG Networks

ITG Networks recently completed a Verified Wifi™ installation for a Red Roof Hotel that has just upgraded to a Red Roof PLUS property. This cost-effective solution was praised by the franchisee of the Dublin, Ohio property (RRI 127) as the installation was completed on time and without any problems. This was largely due to ITG Networks’ extensive experience of working with upgrade and conversion prnoperties that provide them with unique insights about traditional Red Rood properties.

Andy Vasani, President of Invite Hospitality and RRI Franchisee stated, “It was a relief to work with a company that understands the traditional Red Roof Infrastructure and the unique wiring challenges that it presents. My General Manager, Judy Miller, gave immediate feedback that long term guests were pleased and noticed the upgrade to a Verified Wifi™ solution. I will recommend ITG Networks and their professional staff to all other Red Roof Inn Franchisees.”

Eddie Rosenberg, Senior Account Executive at ITG Networks, shared that he enjoys “working with Red Roof Inn properties, since they provide challenges that ITG Networks is always able to overcome” and that any franchisees with questions or interests in upgrading can reach out through or by phone at (724)934-4636. Lastly, Eddie and other team members of ITG Networks will be available to answer questions at the 2017 Red Roof Vendor Expo at Booth #106.

You can read the entire statement from Andy Vasani on ITG Networks’s website here.

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