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YouTube Video Ads for Travel Marketers, Explained - By Marissa Rasmussen

We discuss three different types of YouTube video ads you can use to engage with travelers and increase brand awareness.
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YouTube Video Ads for Travel Marketers, Explained


YouTube data shows travelers are spending more time watching online videos than ever before, and travel-related content is up 118% year over year (YoY). For travel marketers, online video ads are a powerful way to convey excitement about your destination or brand. Here are three different types of YouTube video ads you can use to engage with travelers and increase brand awareness.

Bumper Ads

If you’re looking to reach travelers broadly with a short, memorable message, this format is just what you need. A bumper video ad is six seconds or shorter and plays before, during, or after a video without giving viewers an option to skip it. This short format is especially effective on mobile where people often watch videos on the go.

Although they are great for mid and lower funnel marketing initiatives, any brands now use bumper ads to drive upper funnel ad recall and brand awareness. In fact, a recent Google study found that 9 out of 10 bumper ads drove a significant lift in ad recall, while 61% lifted brand awareness. And, bumper ads are a cost-effective format to reach your travel audience to ensure your message is seen and heard.

TrueView Video Ads

There are two types of TrueView video ads, in-stream and video discovery. Rather paying for your ads on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis, you only pay when travelers watch or interact with elements of your video. You eliminate the risk of paying for random impressions and receive more views from an interested audience.

With TrueView ads, you also have the option to run videos longer than 30 seconds. You can experiment with different formats such as longer demos, customer testimonials, or how-to’s. 

Not only can you use TrueView ads to drive branding but you can also use them to support your overall performance goals driving customers to take a specific action. This can be anything from booking a room or flight with you to signing up for your loyalty program.

In-Stream Ads

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In-stream ads promote video content before other videos on YouTube. These ads play before, during, or after other videos. Travelers have the option to skip the ad after five seconds. You only pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds (or the duration of the video if it’s less than 30 seconds long) or when they interact with your ad. 

Discovery Ads

Mock up of Discovery Ads

Discovery ads promote videos next to related videos, in a YouTube search result, or on the YouTube mobile homepage. Your ad, consisting of a thumbnail image from your video and a CTA, invites travelers to watch the video. You pay only when a traveler watches your video by clicking on it. Discovery ads are a powerful format because they deliver high engagement.When a traveler clicks on your video, it indicates they’re interested in your brand.

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