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For Brand Awareness Campaigns, Move Your TV Budget to Digital - By Myla Tutt

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For Brand Awareness Campaigns, Move Your TV Budget to Digital


Previously, one of the best formats for driving brand awareness has been TV advertising. However, a shift is happening: Adidas may be the first brand that announced it’s stepping away from TV advertising, but it won’t be the last. With viewers leaving cable and television for the likes of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and soon Apple, television audiences are rapidly declining. In the past five years, time spent watching live TV for 18 to 24 year-olds declined 40%. 

How then can travel brands continue to drive brand awareness if not with traditional TV advertising? Jonathan Barnard, the head of forecasting for ZenithOptimedia has an answer:  

“The prospect that online and mobile platforms would capture more ad dollars than TV became inevitable in the last several years. Until recently, advertisers were dipping into their print budgets to feed their digital ad purchases. But ad dollars are now flowing from TV to digital.”

How Shifting Viewers Impacts Travel Marketers

What does this mean for brands, and more specifically, for travel marketers? As audiences increasingly move to digital (and more specifically, mobile), ad spend goes with it. This year, digital spend will exceed traditional television in the US, with eMarketer predicting a 2.7% difference. That doesn’t sound like much now, but in three short years, TV’s share of ad spending will drop below one-third. 

Luckily, moving to digital is already the smarter move for brands. Digital video campaigns provide a more targeted opportunity to reach audiences, increasing not only direct response but brand awareness as well. The ability to go where your audiences are, to align your brand with content they prefer, to gain even more insights into how they’re interacting with your video and brand, and to have massive reach across the exchanges, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, is crucial to driving brand awareness. 

New Channels Mean New Video Formats

The various digital ad formats available opens up new avenues and ways to creatively message. For example, brand marketers can experiment with pre-roll videos versus in-banner to see how audiences respond. They also have the option of tying in a brand lift study to test recall, consideration, favorability, and purchase intent. 

No longer are marketers in the dark. With digital video campaigns, you can ensure your audiences views your content and tie brand lift directly to awareness campaigns. And with digital video being much more cost-effective than TV—it’s a win-win.  

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Myla is the Senior Marketing Manager and one of Sojern's first San Francisco employees. In addition to managing Sojern's event presence, marketing materials and company off-sites, she also leads Sojern Gives Back, the company's global CSR program. She holds a BA in Communication Studies and Theatre from Southwestern University and hails from the great state of Texas.

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