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Triometric Working with HEDNA to Champion Industry Participation in Global Survey on Current Data Analytic Challenges


Triometric, the leading provider of B2B business intelligence for the online travel industry, is co-chairing with SnapShot, a hotel data company, the first HEDNA Working Group dedicated to data analytics. The Working Group was formed with the mission to establish best practice guidelines that will empower hoteliers to optimise how they collect, store, analyse and action their data to make intelligent decisions about their distribution strategies.

Triometric alongside SnapShot is spearheading the Working Group’s first initiative -- to survey the industry’s data analytics landscape. An online questionnaire regarding current practices, perceived pain points, and likely future direction can be accessed here and is aimed at all hoteliers involved in any aspect of distributing inventory. The hotel industry faces several challenges when dealing with disparate data and responding to this critical survey will assist HEDNA in developing best practices for the industry at large.

The Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) is the leading global forum for advancing hospitality distribution through collaboration and knowledge sharing. It does this through fostering strategic collaboration through Working Groups made up of industry experts and practitioners from its membership. These groups are chartered to address a specific industry issue and then actively collaborate toward an end deliverable or solution. The Analytics Working Group was formed at the HEDNA Conference in Dublin and is one of five active HEDNA Working groups addressing industry challenges.

Sarah Fults, president of HEDNA, commented "Topics such as the cost of acquisition, data collection, and storage along with enhanced guest experience resonate with hospitality organizations globally. The solutions, however, are not black and white and require regional and segmented approaches. With this survey, HEDNA sets out to better understand the global landscape and generate a series of actionable guidelines to support the wider hotel and lodging community."

The survey is open to HEDNA members and non-members and all hotel companies, large or small around the globe are encouraged to respond so that as much insight as possible can be gained. The open survey can be completed via https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HEDNA-analytics-survey.

The results are designed to deliver a clear understanding of where the industry stands today, and how data analytics can best serve the industry in this increasing digital age. The findings and recommendation be published as an interim report and shared in a webinar series in November 2017, culminating in a presentation of findings and best practice guidelines during HEDNA's January 2018 Conference in Austin, Texas. 

For more information on HEDNA Hotel Analytics working group, visit www.hedna.org/hotelanalytics_wgc


HEDNA (Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association) is a not-for-profit trade association whose
worldwide membership includes executives and managers from the most influential companies in the
hospitality industry. Founded in 1991, HEDNA's mission is to be the leading global forum for advancing
hospitality distribution through collaboration and knowledge sharing. Its vision calls for HEDNA to be
known for creating an environment that fosters strategic collaboration toward business development in
the global hospitality industry. For more, visit www.HEDNA.org

Contact: Ann Crampton, HEDNA Associate Director

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Triometric is a specialist provider of XML-based business intelligence and operational analytics to the online travel industry, including hotels and airlines. Triometric technology helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables them to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue. Our technology is used by some of the largest and most innovative companies engaged in online travel including Hotelbeds, GTA, Bonotel and Farelogix. For more information see www.triometric.net. 

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