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Malaysian Association of Hotels Invites EZee To Present Its Foothold in the Hospitality Industry

In Malaysian Association of Hotel's annual meeting, CEO of eZee Malaysia, Mr. Loke C.H. acquainted the attendees with issue like rampant digitization in hospitality industry and need of investing in modern technological tools like hotel PMS, booking engine, channel manager and more.
Image from Malaysian Association of Hotels meeting
Malaysian Association of Hotels Invites eZee To Present Its Foothold in the Hospitality Industry

eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys - providers of complete hospitality solutions worldwide were invited by the MAH to share insights on their knowledge and exhibit their expertise on the industry. More than a decade of experience, globally accepted solutions and an established brand name, the company are renowned in the regional market since a long time. Besides, catering to a variety of hotel and F&B business in Malaysia has made the company a leading technology provider in the region, owing to which MAH chose eZee as a keynote speaker for the meet. CEO of eZee’s regional office in Malaysia represented the company and offered hospitality technology as a probable and prefered solution for the problems faced by hoteliers and restaurateurs in the region.

Malaysia is rated among the top 10 tourist location in the world keeping hoteliers busy round the year. Though the hoteliers realize the importance of using technological tools for management of their hotels, merely due to skepticism about learning and integration have refrained from trying out any such tools. They are hung up on old ways of manually managing the hotel activities like service, inventory management, front desk register entry and even feedback collection.

Addressing this growing concern, Loke’s presentation was divided into 2 sections; first section was dedicated to making hoteliers aware yet again about ever advancing technology in the hospitality industry and how important it is for them to start gaining advantage from it. While referring to a white paper on Digital Transformation Initiative - Aviation, Travel and Tourism industry - he encouraged the hoteliers to join the digital revolution and give best service available to their guests.

In the next section, continuing with importance of facilitating the guest’s stay experience at the hotel, Loke introduced eZee’s hospitality solutions to the hoteliers and gave a brief overview about the company’s product portfolio. eZee’s offerings include products for hotel and restaurant management, automating the complete aspect of guest experience. The audience of MAH members, comprising of 3-star and above hotel owners were captivated by the fact that once one invests in eZee - he gets a complete end to end solution for business operations. The company’s innovative technological solutions are benefiting the hospitality industry for over a decade with now offering a comprehensive hotel PMS mobile app.

On account of a successful presentation, eZee Malaysia’s CEO expressed, “We’re grateful to have been chosen for this event. The hospitality industry in Malaysia understood the need of digitization and increasing use of technology. MAH were eager to gain more knowledge on the subject, and I’m glad to have been able to justify the need of technology to its members. Members of Malaysian investment development authority (MIDA) - Malaysian government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sector, were also present in the meet and have shown keen interest in collaborating with us. While several members also raised interest in employing eZee solutions for their properties, the overall response to the presentation looks promising.”

CEO of eZee, Aeijaz Sodawala who has been instrumental in establishing and development of eZee Malaysia adds, ”This was an overwhelming recognition from MAH for us and I’m sure that these kind of insights will surely help the members of MAH and the whole Malaysian hospitality industry, to benefit from technology.”

Entire eZee team is thankful to MAH for this opportunity to interact with the hoteliers during the annual meet and is confident about fruitful outcome. eZee Malaysia was established in 2011 with an aim to offer top-notch services and empower the regional hospitality industry with technology. Over the years, the company have been constantly growing and formulating business expansion plans starting with establishing different regional offices and partnership alliances across the globe.

About MAH

MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION OF HOTELS (MAH) was established in 1974. Since its inception, MAH has constantly enhanced the hotel and tourism industry by integrating member hotels throughout Malaysia. MAH has over 900 members under 13 chapters and partnerships with both the private sectors and government agency - the Ministry of Tourism. Being officially recognised as a National Hotel Association, MAH is committed to the exacting standards of service quality acknowledged by Malaysia and beyond.

About eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys is one of the few complete hospitality IT solutions providers in the world. Offering solutions that cover hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and hotel mobile apps. eZee offers on-premise along with cloud based solutions as well as mobile applications for eZee solutions. Founded in 2005, eZee Technosys today serves more than 10000 clients in more than 160 countries across the globe. Visit eZee’s corporate website for more.

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