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Serviced Apartments Choose EZee Hospitality Solutions for Their Technology Needs

Being predominantly used by myriad of hotels and restaurants globally, eZee’s solutions now witness an increased use in serviced apartments industry.
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Serviced Apartments Choose eZee Hospitality Solutions for Their Technology Needs

eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys - global hospitality technology provider have continually ventured out and extended their reach in the hospitality sector. Since their inception, the company have catered to variety of hoteliers and F&B business owners. However, with the expansion of serviced apartments industry, eZee’s solutions got established as a preferred choice for them.

As such, the industry has made available hotels and serviced apartments to accommodate business travelers; however, serviced apartments provide more space, convenience and privacy with cooking facilities, and sometimes a kitchenette. They are primarily used by businesses that require their executives to travel often for meetings or trainings.

With systematic front desk and even back office operations, eZee solutions have been configured with all aspects that a serviced apartment would require. On account of the much needed suite-child feature, eZee have recognized and incorporated this and connected rooms concept in their all-inclusive hotel PMS.

Business crowd, many a times have last minute bookings and cannot afford to have bookings at apartments which run into issues of overbooking. eZee’s channel manager helps these serviced apartments in managing their rates, instant inventory updates and revise availability on distribution channels while maintaining rate parity. eZee have also recognized the importance of direct bookings in maximizing yield and put forward a booking engine that easily integrates with PMS.

The industry professionals are at a constant lookout to take care of their guests, where eZee’s cloud based solutions tend to automate majority of their manual tasks. In addition to superior booking options, eZee solutions include recently upgraded hotel management mobile app which lets the serviced apartment providers have everything on their fingertips.

“Serviced Apartments recently have become the first pick for professionals and entrepreneurs to amplify the productivity of their time spent when traveling. Equipping homes with speed-web components, power backup, spacious rooms, dedicated drawing rooms and even kitchenettes allow corporate professionals to have a home away from home. Having eZee as our technology partner allows us to help run our chain of serviced apartments with minimal efforts and greater outputs”, says Vinodh Varadati, the Director of Skyla Serviced Apartments in India.

Mostly following the connected rooms concept in their properties, evidently, serviced apartments require specialized technology in handling their operations, as opposed to that of hotels. This is one of the major reasons of Skyla choosing eZee for their operations and hence, are tremendously benefiting from them.

Apart from Skyla, a vast number of serviced apartments like Prime Serviced Apartments in India, Posh Apartments in Nigeria, Leader Apartments in Kuwait, Bluegum Apartments in Australia, Clio Apartments in Bali and several more have chosen eZee as their technology provider.

eZee solutions have proven to be ideal for serviced apartments with their open approach, ensuring that serviced apartment providers are able to impart ultimate guest experience at their properties. Further, the company aim to be the preferred choice for all kinds of properties, thus empowering them with cutting-edge technology.  

About Skyla Serviced Apartments

Skyla Serviced Apartments are located in Hyderabad, the IT hub of India. Having a chain of 10 serviced apartments across the city, they have several business clients who prefer the stay of and services of apartments over high-ended hotels. Providing exquisite home stay since 2008, their serviced apartments are specially crafted to serve corporate teams, business development personnel, foreign officials, new-hires, employees and employers.

About eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys is one of the few complete hospitality IT solutions providers in the world. Offering solutions that cover hotel management, booking management, online room distribution, restaurant management, guest feedback and hotel mobile apps. eZee offers on-premise along with cloud based solutions as well as mobile applications for eZee solutions. Founded in 2005, eZee Technosys today serves more than 10,000 clients in more than 160 countries across the globe. Visit eZee’s corporate website for more.

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