Killing The Luxury Vibe

Nothing Kills the Luxury Vibe Like a Nespresso Machine in a Fancy Hotel - Quartzy

Excerpt from Quartzy

It’s no secret that the concept of luxury in the hotel sector is changing. Modern guests are less concerned with bell hops and plush terry-cloth robes and more interested in the hipness of the hotel bar or the seamlessness of online booking and check-in.

A Nespresso cup of coffee - UnsplashBut one thing about this new, highly-customizable concept of hotel luxury sticks out to me, and not in a good way. Somehow, when it comes to hotel coffee, the new luxury seems to be the Nespresso pod.

I see it in hotels everywhere, and not just in the small machines that have replaced kettles and drip coffee machines in so many hotel rooms. Indeed, at least half a dozen of the hotels I stayed in last year had no non-Nespresso (or, the competitors Keurig, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto etc) coffee to speak of. I’ve gotten so tired of having to leave my hotel to get a non-pod cup of coffee, that on a recent trip to a boutique hotel, I Googled the setup before hand. Sure enough, I had to pack an aeropress, hand grinder, and beans to account for the lack of normal coffee.

This is more than just an inconvenience or affectation—it’s a loss, too. You see, ordering hotel coffee via room service used to be one of my greatest travel indulgences. The slightly unnecessary pomp and circumstance of a morning cup of caffeine being delivered to my room was an extravagance I allowed myself once on every getaway. Even when I procured my caffeine the reasonable way—by trekking down to the lobby or breakfast room—I knew I could find that strong, bottomless, reliable kind of caffeine hit that somehow always tasted better in a hotel. It wasn’t necessarily single-origin or freshly ground, but it was always strong and comforting.

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