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Google is making it harder for travelers to find the best prices, the Wall Street Journal charges

Google is using its dominance of the search market to limit competition in the online travel business — for its benefit and that of some major hotel chains it's teamed up with, the Wall Street Journal charges in a new editorial.

The online search giant, together with the hotel chains, is limiting the ability of online travel agencies (OTAs) to use keywords to advertise hotel rooms, according to the editorial. Meanwhile, Google's own travel service, which features listings from OTAs, takes a big cut out of the commissions they earn, the Journal reported.

"Travelers may unknowingly pay more and fail to see all of their options because some major hotels have ganged up with Google to undercut competition," the Journal said in its editorial.

Google disputes the charges.

"The Wall Street Journal mischaracterized how some of these offerings work," a Google representative told Business Insider. The representative continued: "The online travel industry is highly competitive and in fact, travel companies are some of the most avid users of Google’s advertising offerings."

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