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Restaurant industry workers took to Reddit to dish on why you should be skeptical of the price of pasta, cheesecake, wine, and even those fancy sushi rolls. 

Whenever you go out to eat a restaurant you know there are going to be markups; it’s the contract you sign when you let the waiter seat you a table. Sometimes, though, depending on where you’re going out to eat, you’re looking for the best deal, or at least hoping that someone, back there in the kitchen, isn’t trying to take you for a fool. You’re hoping that at least the staff, from the waiters to the chefs, aren’t trying to pull a fast one on you when it comes to the price of that house wine or the elegant sushi roll that has just arrived at your table. Sure, your dinner may look like it took time and care to prepare, but you might also have the sneaking suspicion that it was actually just reheated, a little spicy mayo dabbed on top, poured out of a box, or pulled out of a freezer. And sometimes, you might just be right.

Recently, chefs, servers, and other restaurant employees took to Reddit to share the “biggest ripoffs that your restaurants sell,” confirming some of your suspicions and probably serving up a few surprises, too (they've done similar tell-alls, like this thread in which they reveal the 15 things they'd never order at a restaurant). Here are 15 of the most egregious ripoffs restaurant workers reported on the Reddit thread.

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