Vizergy® Introduces Targetinghub™ - an Innovative New Platform That Identifies Your Target Customer and Deploys Smarter Marketing Campaigns


Vizergy, the developer of award winning booking and marketing solutions for the hospitality industry, has launched a one of a kind data-driven intelligence tool, TargetingHub™, as part of the company’s continuing efforts to bring sophisticated, seamless, and innovative solutions to its customers.

Using the TargetingHub is simple. Users connect their customer data to the Vizergy Marketing System, either through an interface or a data upload app and in 24 hours the data is analyzed and appended, providing a complete analysis of your most profitable customers’ attributes, buying habits, location and persona.

Targetinghub logoCustomers can use TargetingHub insights to launch smarter, more integrated marketing campaigns. With over 140 pre-defined campaign ideas tailored to the hospitality industry, customers can quickly plan an omni-channel marketing strategy and save each idea to their content marketing calendar for future deployment.  The system also features robust tracking functionality and analytics, with ROI for each campaign launched with the click of a mouse.

Solving the Problem of Big Data Usability

Data is no longer hard to gather but businesses struggle to keep up or make good marketing decisions quickly. Many platforms house data but none offer a simplistic analysis of who your customers are until today.  More impressively, TargetingHub is the only solution available to hospitality marketers that leverages a full range of messaging channels including media, social, website personalization, email and more.   TargetingHub pulls all of these marketing tactics together seamlessly, allowing marketers to understand how these channels work in concert with one another.

TargetingHub enhances the already superior functionality of the Vizergy Marketing System and provides clear, actionable insights into your best customers and the customers you want to attract.  TargetingHub is a new customer acquisition engine.

Joe Hyman, Vizergy’s Founder and CEO, says “Marketers need an uncomplicated way to create omnichannel marketing strategies using data to drive seamless experiences – one that doesn’t require thousands of dollars in new funding, multiple resources, and months to years to realize.   Hyman continues, “We set out to build something that simplified marketers’ jobs and provided real, actionable insights that they could use to drive revenue – not just with e-mail – but using all of the marketing channels available today.”   

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